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          I believe that there is music in everyone. You don’t need to want to have, or even be capable of having, a career in music in order to be musical. Everyone who wants to make music should be able to, regardless of age or skill level. You are never too young, or too old, to make music. I have taught students as young as 4 years old, and as old as – well, they wouldn’t tell me, but old enough to have grown grandchildren!

          As each student is a unique individual with his or her own personality, learning style, and experience. My goal is to share the gift of music with as many people as want to learn. I work with each student to discover their challenges and goals, and then help the student overcome those challenges and achieve those goals. I feel strongly that there needs to be a sense of trust in the student/teacher relationship; it is difficult to make progress if you feel you can’t go to a teacher and say, “I don’t understand,” or “I need help.” In fact, one of the advantages of tailoring one’s teaching to one’s student – rather than trying to fit the student to the teaching – is that you become accustomed to thinking outside the box.

My Studio!

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