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 Voice Instruction      

"It’s not just what you play; it’s how you play it."

make music music studio beverly ma kristen ascenzi

          Singing is a very personal thing. This means that working on one’s voice can also feel very personal, and must be done with care. Each person’s voice is different, and every student responds differently to different ideas and methods of teaching. I work with each student to discover the existing positive attributes of the voice and to identify any areas of opportunity. We discuss what the student is interested in accomplishing and the type of music that he or she would most like to sing. I have the ability to digitally record the audio of a student’s studio performance so that we can listen, analyze, and improve – not to mention, enjoy! This can be a very valuable tool if the student chooses to utilize it. Working on the voice isn’t the only thing that goes into learning to sing well; there is also the aspect of performance. We can talk about how to properly present oneself when singing, whether for fun, for an audition, or for a performance. The student is able to receive feedback on his or her presentation of the song as well as the song itself.

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